We truly believe in pople, where ever they come from. We truly have faith in the good, and we know that we are able to make the difference.

Since over 20 years ago I have in a benefitial way tried to create good relationsships with people who are close to alcohol and drugproblems. We believe in people and we know that we all can create our own lifes and make the best choices whatever – if the help, the konwledge and good circumstances climbs around us.

Suffering from the loneliness of beeing an alcoholic or from other mental addiction, with shame and guilt is devastating. Prevention tools are the best way of finding a new path in your world. As a former journalist and nowadays a projectmanager Lewerth Communication works hard to encourage psople, people from  various socialgroups, high as lw, trying to give them a hint of a solution to their problems.


Lewerth Communication uses different tools, not only different evaluated programs as Prime for Life, no, we even work as producers of films concerning the problem. Different evaluated programs need to be accomplished with filmsupport sometimes, as one of the greatest movements to confirm peoples identification.



As we sometimes say today – The forgotten question among all leaders who are in charge of educating others for future benefitial leadership in huge organizations is; the relationship with alcohol and drugs! Someting we rarely talk about among our employees!